World Mission Sunday

A Global Day of Giving

World Mission Sunday is one of the most special days in the global Catholic Church. It unites Catholics all over the world in prayer, mutual friendship and support; both spiritual and material.

Annually, on the penultimate Sunday of October, Mission Sunday is celebrated in every parish around the world!  As part of the worldwide Missio network, Mission Together provides support materials to parishes for this special day. The materials include a Children's Liturgy that teaches children about the global mission of the Church and encourages them to remember children around the world. You can download your World Mission Sunday Children's Liturgy from the bottom of the page.

In 2016, to close Pope Francis’ ‘Year of Mercy’, World Mission Sunday focuses attention on the work the Catholic Church is doing to bring healing and reconciliation to the people of Rwanda.

Over twenty years ago the Rwandan genocide shocked the world. Although physical wounds slowly heal, emotional scars remain. This is what makes the work of the Church so vitally important; helping survivors find the strength to forgive and delivering God’s love in the most difficult situations.

Inspired by the themes of mercy and mission, this year’s World Mission Sunday Children’s Liturgy and Activity uses scripture, prayer, and play to communicate Jesus’ lesson that whatever our age or ability, God asks us to deliver his love and care to everyone.

On Sunday 23 October, through World Mission Sunday, every Catholic church around the globe whatever its circumstances, will give what it can to help ‘Heal the Broken-Hearted’ in Rwanda and throughout the world. Find out more at                                                                                                                            

Edouard and Immaculee, pictured here with their children, survived the genocide. Their healing is being supported through Missio funded community and reconciliation projects.