At Home

Our Work in the UK

Mission Together's role in the UK is both educational and spiritual.  

  • ​We provide free educational and liturgical resources for primary schools and parishes
  • We promote Gospel values and the idea of a universal Church
  • We enable children to be missionaries - Delivering God's love to everyone, at home and overseas.
Mission Together's Sheila Issac delivering a school assembly

Throughout England and Wales, Mission Together volunteers are available to visit schools and deliver free assemblies and workshops to share stories of the Church's worldwide mission. For over 170 years, children have responded to these stories, raising money for children in Ecuador, India, Cambodia, Malawi, and Sri Lanka, to name just a few.

To request your free assembly, simply use our online order form or call 020 7821 9755.

Children in the UK have always responded incredibly through prayer and fundraising. The Mission Together Prayer is said in schools throughout England and Wales. This prayer is available to order as a colourful A2 poster or can be downloaded below. Mission Together Red Collection Boxes can also be ordered online.

May all children. In the world. Share love. Share friendship and live. In the peace. Of God's love. Now and forever. Amen.                        The Mission Together Prayer