Mission Rosary

A special way to pray for children around the world

Pupils from Sacred Heart School form the Living Mission Rosary

'Our Lady is always close to her children and ready to help when we pray to her… In this month of May, let us pray the Rosary for peace, as the Virgin of Fatima asked us to do.' Pope Francis.

Since the start of his Pontificate, Pope Francis has encouraged the use of the Rosary as a means by which Christians can contemplate the example of Jesus and Mary, and imitate their example in our lives. The Mission Rosary is a special form of the prayer, devised to help children consider how they too can share God's love with others.

The Mission Rosary is different from a traditional rosary because it is made up of five different colours.  Each colour represents a different continent in the world and it helps us to pray for children in that continent living in poverty and adversity.

Africa is represented by the green decade which stands for the forests and grasslands there.
The Americas are red representing the fire of faith.
Europe is white because it is the home of the Holy Father in Rome.
Oceania is shown in blue for the oceans surrounding the islands there.
Asia is represented in yellow as a symbol of the sun rising in the East.

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The Mission Rosary is directly linked to the Day of Many Colours which is a fun way of putting your faith into action for children overseas.

The Mission Rosary was created in 1951 by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen who was the National Director of the APF in the United States of America. The APF is like the adult version of Mission Together.