Feeding the future 

Our focus project for 2016-2016 was a small village in Kenya, called Thika, which is part of a large coffee plantation, there we met 10 year old Eunice. 

Most of the adults in the village work on the plantation, as does Eunice’s family. The work is hard and wages low, only around £1 per day. 

Workers live in small tin huts on plantation land and must pay rent to the landowner. They own no land of their own to grow food. This desperate situation means that most families cannot afford essential items and often go hungry. As a result, many children are taken out of school to help their parents earn money for food by working on the plantations. 

The Assumption Sisters of Nairobi recognised the need for change and came to Thika to help. With support from Mission Together, the Sisters run a feeding programme from the school, with the aim of ensuring that the children living on the plantations are given the opportunity to have a healthy meal every day.

What the Sisters do for the children is more than simply physically feeding them. They are also fuelling their faith, nourishing their hope, and empowering them through love. 

The Thika Feeding Programme is changing lives. By easing the financial pressure on families to provide lunch every day, and by encouraging them to send their children to school rather than work, Thika is enabling a better future for children like Eunice. 

Find out more about our work in Thika by downloading the free resources below.  

Although the focus for this year's materials is on another country, children's projects in Kenya are still being supported by Mission Together