Day of Many Colours

A fun day of Faith and Fundraising!

The ‘Day of Many Colours’ is our annual faith and fundraising event, celebrating the Universal Church and Mission Together’s work around the world. 

The day is based on the five colours of the Mission Rosary, in which each colour represents a different continent. These colours help us to remember children all around the world, and encourage us to share God's love with everyone, but most especially with children who live in poverty. There are lots of different ways for schools to join in:

  • Hold a non-uniform day: the children dress in the colours of the Mission Rosary and bring a small donation
  • Host a colourful ‘bring and buy’ sale: sell colourful items organised into the five Mission Rosary colours
  • Try out some of our fun-packed class activities and games: see below for ideas to download (please note some activities accompany liturgies and must be downloaded with said liturgy, they can however be used as a stand alone resource).
  • Spend some time in prayer and reflection: as well as reciting the Mission Rosary and Prayers for our Continents, there are engaging liturgies to accompany the Day of Many Colours, scroll down to download these resources.

In 2017 the Day of Many Colours is being held on the feast of St Peter and Paul, Thursday 29th June, although schools are welcome to select their own date at any time of year.

You can order lots of free materials to support your day, like stickers, posters and prayer cards. Mission Rosaries are also available to order for a small donation of £1 per rosary to cover our costs.

As well as being fun, your day can support RE, global citizenship, geography and art classes to name a few (see sample timetable below), so join us this year and make a huge difference to children around the world.